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This group is dedicated to the mod Skyrim Slavers Guild.

Skyrim Slavers Guild is a mod that will introduce a whole lot of BDSM features to the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The main plot of this mod is that an ancient, defunct guild, the Slavers Guild, is rising from its ashes, and plans to rise to prominence once more. This Guild hopes to make female slavery legalized and set up their business in capturing, enslaving and, when done with that, selling women to the highest bidder.

The plan is to let the player choose which side he is on. If he likes to be the villain, he can try to help the Slavers Guild achieve their plans. If he wants to be the hero, he can go on a quest to destroy the Guild. And finally, if the player plays a female character, she can become a slave herself. The role you choose will have influence on the world. For example, if a female player character is kidnapped and enslaved by the Slavers Guild during a certain point in the questline, there is no one left to stop them. This means the Guild will rise to power, and turn Skyrim into a land where women are treated as second class citizens at best.

But the main feature of this mod will be that the player is able to capture female NPC's by defeating them in combat, and use physical restraints to tie them up. Once the combat is over, the player can do everything (s)he wants with his/her slave, with the goal of breaking or bending the captured girl to his/her will. To do so, the player has a wide variety of bondage gear to his availability. If done right, the player will be rewarded with a slave that does everything the player asks her to, no matter how humiliating the deed is.

For more information on the mod, please take a look at our wiki:…

This group will be used to show any form or art or literature that is inspired or used by this mod and to collect stuff that might inspire us.
:iconjagopossible-gooding: this thing still going on?  I can't seem to get the link to work
z-010 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
men can't be slaves, unrealistic.
z-010 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
men can't be slaves
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